valley agro park

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Valley Agro Park has 19 special rooms.
Among them is even more special.
By looking at it, you will know the owner put his whole mind into this thought.

One of it is they used the balcony concept into a room.
It lets the guest wake up in such in a blooming environment to release stress and ease your eyes.

The name is also very elegant is called “Heaven’s Water” that allows 5 people to stay in.
The whole floor is made of wood and under those woods are water, kinda make you feel like walking on water. This is definitely unique.


Open the windows and you can see a lake outside. Lake of Innisfree? Maybe.
After dinner, you can sing karaoke with your friends and also mahjong.

This place also can hold conference, banquet and also company events. It’s definitely one of the recommended place to go. The price is extremely cheap too.


Address PT 44, KM 13, Mukim Tras, 27600 Raub, Pahang
Email [email protected]
Phone 0192289152