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God’s masterpiece is actually very near to us. You will realize that outskirts is actually the place you want to go all along. Compare to the cities you been, actually outskirts will give you even more surprises.


Bentong is one of the awesome places around.It has very good environment, That’s we personally try this place.Living with locals, finding the local delicacies. Adapt to their lifestyles, from which to explore the many subtle habits of life.And introduce to you by using production videos and words.


No matter is eat, play, sight, or buy, is all under your control. Walk around Bentong, and you will know better about lifestyle.We hope that you can experience the connection between people and find back the trust between people.


At this website, you can create your own journey.And decorate your travel journal even better.


Delicious Food

Visit Bentong for delicious food all over the street! The food provided here in Bentong will not disappoint you! Every food in Bentong is going to make your mouth watery



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Bentong people love living here because of its good food and most importantly, the kind people! Every Bentong locals are willing to provide tour guides to you if you come here!



We also have our own Bentong's youtube channel with over 2.7k subscribers. Our youtube channel mainly post videos of our Bentong's mouth watery food to all food lovers!

"I have been to Bentong so many times because of its good food there. I love their street food the most because it's made with patience and love."

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