Kwong Fook Temple

There are several Chinese temples in Labuan Island, one of them being Guang Fu Gong Temple (also known as Kwang Fook Kong or Kwong Fook Kung (廣福宮) Temple) located downtown.

It was built by a group of migrants from Fu Jian, China and is reputedly the oldest Chinese temple in Labuan. A plague inside the temple states that it has been around since 1852.

Each year, the temple comes alive with much festivity especially during Chinese New Year celebrations.


Chin Swee Temple

In 1975, after he has completed the construction of the first hotel and casino at Genting Highlands Resort, Genting founder Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong decided that he would build Chin Swee Caves Temple.

The late Tan Sri Lim began by gathering a group of friends to form the Chin Swee Temple Society. Many of the founding members were of the Anxi Clan and from his ancestry village of Penglai.

Always leading by example, the late Tan Sri Lim led a donation drive and contributed a 28-acre land for the construction of the temple. His companies, Resorts World Berhad and Genting Berhad, also made a cash donation of RM8.1 million towards the building fund. The late Tan Sri Lim was elected chairman of the society and his son, Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, was appointed its deputy chairman.

With the same tenacity that he demonstrated to build Genting Highlands Resort, the late Tan Sri Lim took on the roles of the planner, architect, designer, contractor and supervisor in the construction of the temple. The steep and rocky terrain made the construction process arduous and dangerous, and it was impossible to utilise modern machinery for fundamental work, such as piling. Manual labour was deployed and 18 years were spent to complete the construction.

The Chin Swee Caves Temple was officially open on 29 March 1994.


Thean Hou Buddist Temple

Thean Hou Buddist Temple is also called (Queen of Heaven}, one of the largest Chinese temples in South east Asia. This temple looked majestic and the art design is in Chinese style.Every year the tourists from all over the world came here to pray and admire this temple. If you are very serious and sincere, sure you will fulfilled your wishes.

Thean Hou Temple appears to be a popular destination for local community to pray to their Buddhist Gods. Named after the Goddest Tian Hou (heavenly mother). Beautiful architecture and sculptures, lots of photograph opportunities. Not accessible by public transport, you can only get there by taxi.