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The Bentong Chinese Town Hall was set up in 1914 to unite and look after the welfare of the Chinese migrants of various clans, who were brought to Bentong as labourers and tin miners in the late 1980s.

It has great contribution in the development of the town and Chinese education, founding SJKC Khai Mun Pagi, and later serves as an archive to record the history of Bentong and achievements by the locals.

The town hall has a collection of artifacts including a plague with an Chinese idiom “min mian cong shi” (literally means work hard and never give up), written by one of its founders, the late Deng Shao Min.

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Today, this gallery isn’t only a pit stop for tourists, but it also receives visitors from national universities who come to do their research, she shares with pride. “They come here to research on Chinese Hakka in Asia.”

The Chinese in Bentong, explains Madeleine, comprises many clans, with the Hakka ranked at number two in terms of numbers. “When Loke Yew came to Bentong, he brought in a lot of labourers, many of whom were from the southern Chinese province of Guangdong that included Cantonese, Hainanese, Hakka and Hokkien. The labour-intensive nature of tin mining required the recruitment of many workers.” There was also a significant number of labourers who hailed from Guangxi province, the clan that forms the majority of the Chinese community here.

Signalling to Madeleine that I’m going to go for a wander to check out the rest of the exhibits more closely, she smiles. Her eyes light up when she says: “Gallery 3 will be wonderful once it’s completed. There’s no bigger satisfaction for a child than to be able to honour his/her parents. And it’s time that my parents’ stories are told…”

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Roughly a 40-minute drive from the market, this resort in Bukit Tinggi was modelled after the 16th century Colmar Town in the south of France, incorporating design and architectural elements from Colmar and the surrounding towns. You can enjoy French food,  French architecture, and the cool air in high up in Bukit Tinggi.

You’ll also have plenty to do at the resort that doesn’t involve gazing at French-styled buildings and indulging in French fare. The resort has a golf course, botanical park and equestrian centre. Also, there’s a Japanese cultural village where you can experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, eat Japanese food and stroll in a Japanese garden that was designed by 22 skilled craftsmen.